Assistance with Personal Laundry

Personal Assistance with Personal Laundry

Thorncliffeplace Provides extensive long term care help for physically disabled adults who need hands-on personal care and help with activities of daily living at home. The service enables eligible older adults to live in their own homes and communities and carry out functions of daily living, self-care and mobility.



Home Support

This service is contracted with agency providers . The agencies can provide help with daily household activities such as shopping, assistance with cooking, personal laundry and house cleaning services.

Assisted Living is for seniors who need help with the activities of daily life, yet wish to remain as independent as possible. Assisted Living residents enjoy the same features and amenities as Independent Living residents, but with the added assistance of personal care. our personal assistance and senior care services include assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming, and medication assistance. Services can be increased or decreased over time as needed.

In addition to a well-appointed, private residence, the Assisted Living monthly fee includes three meals daily plus snacks, weekly housekeeping, weekly personal and flat linen laundry service, all utilities (except phone) including basic cable TV, 24-hour emergency call system, interior and exterior maintenance of residences, common areas and grounds, a full calendar of social, cultural, educational and recreational activities, 24-hour staffing, and scheduled transportation.



Our Retirement Home Residents enjoy spacious suites with private baths and showers, medication assistance, housekeeping and flat-linen laundry services and personal home care assistance such as dressing, bathing and grooming.

Few Personal Laundry Tips:


#1: Soak stains immediately.


“When you get a stain on something, you have to deal with it immediately,” says Green. “If you let it dry, it’s permanent. That’s something a lot of people don’t realize.” When spills happen, Green recommends leaving the soiled article of clothing in a bucket full of water with a little detergent added until you have time to treat the stain. In his book, he lists a hundred different ways to treat various stains.


#2: Learn how to sort.


You thought it was just about whites, darks, and delicates, but your clothes will wind up much cleaner if you separate them not just by color, but also by fabric type and water temperature. Green recommends you make five separate piles for colors: whites (entirely white), light colors that include striped whites, darks (blacks, blues, and browns), brights (reds, yellows, and oranges), and delicates.


#3: Don’t overstuff. You want to wash full loads only so you save on water use and energy consumption, but you don’t want to fill your machine so much that your clothes can’t get clean. High-efficiency front loaders can hold up to 20 pounds of clothes, but top loaders max out at about 16.


#4: Add soap, then stuff.


Before you add your clothes, add your detergent, allowing it to dissolve in the water fully before adding your clothes. Your soap will work more effectively and, if you’re using powdered laundry detergent, there’s less of a chance for powdery residue on your favorite black jeans.



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