Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning

Dry Cleaning Services Provided at Thorncliffeplace Senior Living Facility

Few of you will argue about the importance of having a good dry cleaners located near your house, this is especially true for any senior residences in Ottawa.


Most retirement facilities in Ontario rely on local dry cleaners. This is not the case for Thorncliffeplace, as we understand that the process of dry cleaning involves the use of strong and toxic chemicals. These substances are especially harmful to the sensitive skin of our senior members and can act as irritants and cause inflammation. There are certain dry cleaners that claim to be more cautious in such matters, but we prefer not to trust their word too strongly.


To be able to provide effective and safe dry cleaning we decided to start our own dry cleaning services exclusively for the senior citizens lifestyle of our various assisted living facilities. The dry cleaning services are dedicated to carry out their work while using chemicals that do not have negative side effects. This is a large responsibility that we simply cannot trust to anyone but a member of the Thorncliffeplace staff.


Maintaining our member’s health is one of our greatest priorities, one which we intend to carry out to
the best of our ability.


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