Hair Care Studio on the Premises

Hair Care Studio At Seniors Residences Ottawa

Here at Thorncliffe we understand the importance of feeling good about one’s own appearance.

Keeping this important aspect in mind we have decided to introduce a Hair care studio on the

premises. Some of you may think that this is a waste and is hardly of any real use, which is a

reasonable response. But those of you that feel this way clearly underestimate the power of a good

hairdo!There aren’t many retirement residencies in Ottawa that can boast of offering similar services.

By providing hair care studio on the premises we allow our seniors to indulge in the occasional act of

vanity, which is not always a bad thing.

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How does it help?


Hair is a touchy subject in most senior living facilities, our retired members are not very happy about

the effect aging has on their hair. We can honestly say that receding hairlines and hair fall are hot

topics in most senior living facilities here in Ontario. Which is why we decided on getting a hair care

studio right here in our premises, which will not only instruct seniors on how to take better care of

their hair but also undo some of the damage inflicted by old age. But that is not all that its good for,

we intend to use this facility to instill a more positive in our senior members allowing them to have a

happier stay.


Studies have shown that individuals who are comfortable with their own appearance are less likely to

be awkward around other, allowing them to be more social. Being social is the most important aspect

of any senior home or retirement home, it allows us to make friends and find companions that will be

of great importance during times of pain and turmoil.