Postal Services

Postal Services Also Provided At Thorncliffeplace Retirement Homes Ottawa

We understand the importance of communication. We know that our retired residents need to be

in touch with the various members of our family. One of the greatest things that seniors who live in

retirement residencies fear is that they will be distanced from their loved ones. This is quite a valid

concern, and here at Thorncliffe we take our resident’s problem and try to resolve them as if they

were our own. We’ve tried to solve this issue by introducing the postal services. The aim here is to

allow our residents to communicate with their family members by means of post.

We believe this service may be able to bridge the gap between our seniors and their families. Not

only will they able to write letters to each other but be able to share some items that cannot be

shown over the phone or the internet.

But that is hardly all that this service is good for. The postal service allows the practice of the famous

pen pal tradition, which has recently gained a lot of hype, and is also a great way to learn about

different kinds of people from all across the globe.

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