I am enjoying my living at Thorncliffe Place very much. It’s a lovely spot. It’s clean and comfortable and all the employees provide excellent service.

Lois Garrard

At Thorncliffe place I can enjoy my freedom, while still experiencing excellent care and kindness. The food is very good and always provides me with options. The lovely grounds are excellent for leisurely strolls and relaxing. I love living here and being everyone’s “candy girl”. I keep the staff candy jar filled.

Margaret Couillard

I love it here. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. The service is great and all the staff are very good.

Mae Dickey

I have been living at Thorncliffe Place for nearly two years. I am an active person and love to do crafts. We also have many interesting outings.

The personnel is very efficient and caring and see to all my needs. They are always smiling and laughing. They treat my family with respect and they always feel welcome. They also can come in at any time, day or night. The flowers around the building are beautiful and very well kept.

My Mom was always hesitant whenever the idea of moving to a retirement home came up, so we thought we’ll let her try the place for one month and if she didn’t like it she can return home. But from the first few days, she seemed quite contented with the place; the first thing she told me was “with all this personal care I think I am going to live longer.”

We are also free to come and go as we please for a day or for weeks. I always feel that I am home when I come back and the staff always welcomes me back.

I have met and made some very good friends. It is not home, but the next best thing or place to it..

Huguette Lacelle

Never for one hour have we regretted moving to Thorncliffe Place Retirement Home three years ago. We find the management is responsive to our individual needs and the staff extremely friendly and helpful at all times. We appreciate the efforts to provide entertainment and excursions on the special bus.

We were allowed to move our grand piano to the residence and hope that among future residents, there will be some competent pianist or violinist with sight-reading skills so that my mountain of classical music (Bach, Haydn, Mozart
Beethoven) does not have to lay packed away in the storage room.

Helmut Kallmann & Traute Weinberg