How To Enjoy Life After Retirement ?

Increasing lifespan for seniors, not a big deal! Know the ‘two’ tips that can add-on a few extra years in life post-retirement [1] One thing that disturbs the most after a person steps in the retired life is health. However, it’s natural to lose sheen of the skin and get prone to the various diseases as the person ages, but going natural, a senior person can at least delay that called as inevitable ‘Death’. Plus, those added extra years can be enjoyed to the fullest [2]. Don’t worry; we’re not going to set up a long list of various physical exercises that you often avoid doing. It’s a simple trick of seven that can take you up in the seventh heaven as far as your health is concerned. Let’s see, how? Firstly, answer yourself, what you eat, how much you take in and how many servings per day. Suggest comparing it to what is mentioned below. In order to lower the risk of death, one must include fresh vegetables and fruits in his diet. Stomaching food in one serving is not advisable at all; rather one can have those vegetables and fruits in seven portions. Not only will it make one feel better and prevent rebound digestion problems, it will also make one feel lighter all day. [3] Also Read: What-Are-the-4S-of-Senior-Home-Care [4] Having seven servings of fresh fruits and vegetables per day can take you far, as then, you’re less likely to die of any cause, plus following this routine can lower the risk of dying by 42 %, says the study carried out by BMJ (British Medical Journal) today. This survey is the follow-up of 7.5 years where the random samples of the people died over the years were taken into the consideration. The death rate of the people who consumed seven servings of the vegetables and fruits, compared to those who ate only one or less than one serving per day was calculated. In the inference, they found a close association the kind of diet the people ate with the death rate. In short, the more you eat fresh vegetables and fruits, the more chances you’ve to live long and above all, healthy.You’ve been consuming vegetables and fruits, but they are canned. You need to shift quickly to the fresh ones since the sugar present in the canned vegetables and fruits can increase the death rate by 17%. Being a senior living your life after retirement, you love snacking on fruits more than vegetables. Although it’s fruitful for your lifespan to eat fruits, but you know, the vegetables are far more beneficial, compared to the fruits, when it comes to reducing the risk of dying. Cutting down on the fruits and replacing them with the vegetables will stretch your life further. Moreover, you can have these fruits whenever you feel like consuming some sugar.You, as a senior, might be wondering over the fate of the rule eating five portions in a day. Doing so is also beneficial, but the recent study gives having seven servings per day an edge over five meals. By no means, should the seniors feel limited by the high hill of seven lifestyle [5] . It’s not as difficult as it sounds to be. It will be better if you start making changes in a slow, but consistent way. Say, you’ve been keeping a distance from the vegetables and fruits by now, then, you should add one or two portions in your diet. You’re already having a portion or two; try increasing it to four or five portions. Through the time, make it seven and see the difference. You’re sure to feel fitter and healthier similar to when you were in the youngest phase. If money blocks your way, you needn’t lose heart. For the reason that it’s not a cast-iron rule sticking to the mark of seven portions of vegetables and fruits. How many portions of vegetables and fruits can you take in per day? Adjust your diet accordingly that should be taken in with consistency. Do remember, maintaining health not only needs wealth, but persistent efforts too. If you’re looking forward to hire a caregiver or shifting to a retirement homes in ottawa [6] that can help you live a healthy and ideal life post-retirement, Thorncliffeplace is here to solve your problem and help you enjoy life after retirement in various other possible ways also such as enjoying fine dining [7] and participation in art and craft activities [8] among many other facilities [9] which you get here. Planning for life after retirement is an important task. We will help you realize your dreams and goals for retirement. [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9]

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